The Best Ways Of Collecting Consumer Data According To The Top Data Suppliers In The UK

Customer data are various information about the customers like demographic, behavioral, and personal information. This allows businesses and marketing companies to understand their needs, communicate, and engage with them more efficiently.

Let us understand the basics of customer data, along with some foolproof steps to collect this valuable information and analyze it.

What is Customer Data?

Customer Data is defined as the information that your customers provide while interacting with your brand or business via websites, applications, surveys, social media, campaigns, and other online or offline surveys.

According to some of the big Data Suppliers in the UK, consumer data are utterly beneficial for a successful implementation of business strategy. Data-driven organizations know the advantages of it and look for ways to collect these necessary consumer data points.

Types of Consumer Data

There are a lot of data collected by some Consumer Data Suppliers in UK companies. Due to the vast number and more easability, it is segregated into four parts.

  • Personal Data – Personal Data is further divided into two segments. Personally Identifiable Information(PII) and Non-Personally Identifiable Information(Non-PII). PII can be used to identify a person’s identity. Non-PII is totally opposite to that of PII and cannot be used to identify a person.
  • Engagement Data – This data is basically based on the interaction of your customers on webpages, social media, and so on. It is the behavior of your customers on these interactive mediums.
  • Behavioral Data – Engagement data may not be a part of the behavioral data or sometimes, it can be. Behavioral data represents the behavior of your customers while making a purchase.
  • Attitudinal Data – You can already guess by the name. Attitudinal data is driven through the feelings and emotions of the customers. It is often combined with quantitative data for concrete outputs.

Foolproof Ways of Collecting Consumer Data

There are a lot of ways to efficiently collect consumer data. Data Suppliers in UK implement several ways through the channel the customers interacts with the brands. Let us look at some of the avenues by which you can know your customers better.

  • Social Media – Social Media is one of the most effective platforms to collect adept consumers’ data. You can access how people interact in these channels. ORM or Online Reputation Management is an efficient technique of gathering data.
  • Web Analytics – Your websites are the optimal places for customer interaction. Track the demographic and geographic information using tools like Google Analytics, Piwik PRO, Mixpanel, etc.
  • Contacts – Contact information is the most effective in order to communicating with your customers. Long forms should be always started at the beginning of their experience journey.
  • Pixels – Tracking pixels are nothing but HTML and JS codes that can be inserted into a website or an email. It records IP addresses, OS, and even browsers of the person visiting the webpage or using email.
  • Surveys and Feedbacks – Customer feedbacks and surveys are ideas to gather your customer’s interests, likings, tastes, and preferences. With the right questions asked, surveys can help you get vital data.
  • Transactional Information – Transactional data can be collected depending on the business model. Like for an e-commerce business, it will be the cart abandonment data and for a brick and mortar store, point of sale.
  • Customer Service Softwares – Customer service software is used to measure different factors that are implemented by your customers while seeking some help. It depends on the medium, the time is taken for resolving, and the complexity of the problem.



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