If you have received marketing communications from a company who claims to have purchased your details from Opinion UK Data, please complete the following form and we will get back to you immediately.

Note: Please ONLY fill in this form if you have received direct marketing from one of Opinion UK Data client’s.

Opinion UK Data prides itself only sourcing & generating data which has been legally generated through clear routes of opt-in’s.

All data which we provide adheres to the requirements of UK legislation relating to data collection, distribution, maintenance and also the new GDPR Legislation Set on 25.05.18

There are times when we have had enough of receiving direct marketing information and simply would like to opt-out of receiving Telephone, SMS, Email & Postal Marketing – Good News, This is how you can do it with us.

Opinion UK Data are a data broker with limited approved partners as well as generating their own data through means of lead generation with clear routes of opt ins.

By providing us the company name which contacted you and providing us the details they contacted you on this will allow us to trace this and remove this from ours/client’s database and inform you of the date/time and how your information was collected for direct marketing purposes by providing the date/time and recording of the telephone survey or the date/time and the URL of where you submitted your details online.

Some companies will say that they purchased data from a data company but this may not be Opinion UK Data. Once we have established that the company is a Opinion UK Data client, we can then investigate for you.

We will do this on your behalf free of charge.

It is worth noting that the company contacting you have approached Opinion UK Data for us to supply fully opted in marketing lists, It is not against the law to send direct mail to residential address’s which have been fully opted in for direct marketing and given consent to our client to contact them relating to a product or service.

How do data owners gather my information?

• Online Competition’s/Surveys

• Telephone Calls

• Email

The reality is that companies are always looking to grow their database so it’s important that you read the small print and terms of any agreement that you make for a product or service. Be vigilant about which tick boxes you click online.

If you have any further questions on opting out of direct marketing please do not hesitate to contact us Info@opinionUKsurvey.co.uk or Call Us +44 203 287 9292

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