Our pension lead generation is setup to suit you and help you maximize the leads you buy. All 100% of our leads are generated by direct survey. NO email marketing! NO spam! NO telemarketing! the age criteria are 35-55. Opinion UK Survey provides the accurate data & leads for the pension.

Customer’s full name, telephone number, email address, post code and pension details are registered with us. They have the option to give a second number too. That’s it, nice & simple and we find this work extremely well.

The customers are wanting to speak to a pension advisor. This means the clients you speak to will want to speak to you. Opinion UK Survey provides:

  1. High conversions
  2. High client contact rate
  3. Low wrong/invalid numbers input


Using our consumer surveys we are able to identify prospects who have confirmed via our online and telephone surveys that they currently have a private pension. Details provided include name, address & landline telephone number. All our Pension Leads are supplied on an exclusive basis.